Journal of Applicable Chemistry

(An International Peer Reviewed Journal of Chemistry)

ISSN 2278 - 1862

2012 Volume  1 - Issue  3



Professor in Chemistry, (retired), Visakhapatnam

2. Estimation of transition state and Synthesis of Barbituric Acid with their derivatives of 1,3,4-Thiadiazole

Abbas A-Ali Drea*, Fadhel Omran Essa and Kadhum Jwad Kadhum

College of Essential education / Science Department, Babylon University

3. Synthesis ,Characterization and Theoretical Treatment Of Sandwich Schiff Base Complexes Derived from Urea and Thiourea with some Transition Metals and Study of its Biological Activity

Omar H. Al-Obaidi

Chemistry Department, Education College for Women, Al-Anbar University

4. Synthesis through proton transfer reaction, structure and spectroscopic characterization of novel anionic nickel(II) complex with pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid and 4-aminobenzenesulfonamide


Department of Chemistry, Pondicherry University, R.V. Nagar, Kalapet, Puducherry – 605014, India.

5. Separation of polyphenol rich fraction from dried ginger rhizomes

Lingamallu Jagan Mohan Rao* and Ismail Rahath Kubra

Plantation Products, Spices and Flavour Technology Department, Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore-570020, India

6. An absorption electronic spectral study for the interaction of Er(III) ion systems involving some biologically important ligands in DMF stereo medium

Samata Jain*, Sushma Jain and Ramesh Dedar

Department of Chemistry. Government Dungar PG College, Bikaner 334001 (India)

7. Spectrophotometric determination of Co(II) in various samples by Solid phase Extraction using Chemically Modified SiO2-PAN Nanoparticles

Anupreet Kaur*, Usha Gupta, Shivender Singh Saini and A.L.J. Rao

Department of Chemistry, Punjabi University, Patiala-PUNJAB, INDIA

8. Determination of Iron in Spinach plants Grown in different areas by using HIMMI as a reagent

Poonam P. Shevde*, Sushama M. Lele, Mahesh D. Natikar

Department of Chemistry, University of Mumbai, Vidyanagri, Santacruz (E), Mumbai – 400 098, India,

9. Detection and identification of organics and trace metals by FTIR, GC/MS and ICP-AES and their organic-metallic statistics

P. M. Yeole* and V. S. Shrivastava

R. L. College, Parola - 425111 ( M.S.)

10. Study of Antimicrobial activities of Actinomycetes Obtained From River Cauvery (Karnataka) Terrestrial Soil and River Sediments

Prof. Kosanam Divakar* and Dr (Prof) P.Ellaiah

Noble College of Pharmacy, Junagadh, Gujarat, INDIA

11. Study on Some air quality parameters in urban area of Vijayawada (India) in effect of human activities

R.Ramesh Raju*, K.Sunder Kumar and C.Naga Vardhani

Department of Chemistry, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur – 522510, India

12. Studies on the Phisico- chemical characteristics of water in Pidaparthi village [Anaparthi mandal] E.G.Dt., A.P.


Department of Chemistry, Sri Venkateswara University. Tirupati,India.

13. Study of the Sorption Kinetics of Fe (III) by Polyhydroxamic acid Chelating Exchanger Prepared from Polystyrene-Co-Methyl methacrylate

Saddaa Abed Abedullah Jamal* and Ali Kareem Alywee

Department of Chemistry/ Education College for Women/ Al-Anbar University/Iraq

14. Kinetics and Mechanism of Rh(III) Catalysed Oxidation of D-ribose by Cerium(IV) in Aqueous Acidic Medium

Manoj K Ghosh* and Surendra K Rajput

Department of Chemistry, Govt. Nagarjuna PG College of Science, Raipur (CG), India.

15. Theoretical investigation study of Bromine radical reaction with ozone in stratospheric layer

Abbas A-Ali Drea* and Aqeel A-Hussein

Chemistry Department, College of Science, Babylon University, Hilla, IRAQ

16. Thorium, a safety valve fuel for nuclear power generation


Professor of Chemistry(Retd.), Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, 530003, India.




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