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2017 Volume  6 - Issue  1

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5. Research Paper: Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Studies of Some Novel Thiadiazoles derived from [1,2,4]Triazoles

M. Abdul Rahiman*, D.R. Mamatha, G.L. Thejashree and M.G.Suresha

Department of PG Studies in Chemistry, Government Science College, Hassan-573 201, Karnataka, INDIA

6. Research Paper: Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activities of 1,2,3-Triazole Containing Substituted Cyclohexenones

Balakrishna Kalluraya*, Sushma.K, Anish Kumar, K. Kaushik, B.R. Aparna and Vignesh Shetty

Department of Studies in Chemistry, Mangalore University, Mangalagangothri-574199, Karnataka, INDIA

7. Research Paper: Synthesis of an Analytical Reagent, its Spectroscopic Characterization and Studies of its Complexation Behavior with Copper Metal Ion, its Application

Nitinkumar B. Patel

Shree Jayendrapuri Arts & Science College, Bharuch, Surat-395 007- Gujarat, INDIA

8. Research Paper: Recovery of Acetone and Application to Determine the Dinitrobenzene Content In Nitrobenzene without Affecting the Accuracy of Results

Nikhil L. Suryavanshi and P.Y.Patil*

QC department, Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited, Rasayani, INDIA

9. Research Paper: Solvent-Free Green Synthesis of Pyridazine Derivatives by Hydrothermal Method and Characterization of their Mesogenic Properties

Mary Anne Anitha1, K. M. Lokanatha Rai1* and R. Somashekar2

DOS in Chemistry, University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysuru, INDIA

10. Research Paper: Enantioselective Synthesis of (S) 3-Methyl-4-Octanol as Insect Pheromone Using Polymeric Asymmetric Reagent

Adel I. Selim, Mohamed H. Baren and Ahmed A. Noser*

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, 31527 Tanta, EGYPT

11. Research Paper: Effects of Synthetic Conditions on Structure of Nanocrystal Zeolite Y From Vietnamese Kaolin

Hong K.D. Nguyen *, Don N. Ta and Hung N. Ta

School of Chemical Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 1 Dai Co Viet, Hanoi 100000, VIETNAM

12. Research Paper: Adsorption and Protection of Low C-Steel Corrosion in 1M Hydrochloric acid Medium using Hyoscyamus Muticus Plant Extract

A. S. Fouda*, G. Y.Elawady and W.T.Elbehairy

Chemistry Department, Science Faculty, Mansoura University, El-Mansoura-35516, EGYPT

13. Research Paper: New Insights into the DNA Interactions of Novel Ru(II) Complexes of Chromeno[2,3-b]Quinoline and Fused Aromatic NN- Incorporated Ligands

Chittanahalli N. Sudhamani, Halehatty S. Bhojya Naik*, Kalligundi R. Sangeetha Gowda, Manju Giridhar and Dugganna Girija

Department of Studies and Research in Industrial Chemistry, School of Chemical Sciences, Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta-577 451, INDIA

14. Research Paper: A Module Design–Arsenic Removal Filter for Rural Community

Kalpana kumari

Dept. of chemistry, B.P.S. College, Desari, B.R.A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, INDIA

15. Research Paper: Morphological, Nutritional and Mineralogical Status of Soil Samples Collected From Tembha Site, Shahada Tehsil, Nandurbar District

R. B. Marathe and C. P. Sawant*

Centre for P.G. and Research G. T.P. College, Nandurbar-425412(MS), INDIA

16. Research Paper: New Analytical Technique for Determination of Trace Amount of Fe (III) by Using UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Method with Photometric Reagent

Vijay J. Ghodvinde*, S. M. Pitale, S. P. Janwadkar, Prasant P. Lohani, P.K. Rana and D. K. Yadav

Department of Chemistry, S.D. Arts, V.S.Apte. Commerce and M.H.Mehta, science College, Palghar, Thane, Mumbai University, INDIA

17. Research Paper: Development and Validation of Spectrophotometric Methods for the Assay of Atomoxetine Hydrochloride in Pharmaceutical Preparations

Battula Sreenivasa Rao* and A V D N Kumar

Department of Chemistry, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam- 530 045, AP, INDIA

18. Research Paper: Development and Validation of A Simultaneous Estimation of Darunavir and Cobicistat in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Using Micellar Liquid Chromatography

Viswanadha N N Murthy and Rama Krishna Karipeddi*

Department of Chemistry, Institute of Science, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

19. Research Paper: Corrosion Protection of C-Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solutions Using Some Pharmaceutical Compounds

A. S. Fouda*, S. A. Abd El-Maksoud and H. M. S.Badawy

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Mansoura-35516, EGYPT

20. Research Paper: Dielectric Properties of Mixed and Complex Compounds

K. P. Tiwari

Department of Physics, Agra College, Agra U.P. – 282002, INDIA

21. Research Paper: Thiophene Derivatives as Corrosion Inhibitors for CS in 0.5 M H2SO4 Solutions

A.S.Fouda*, S. Abd El-Maksoud, S.A. Gomaa and A.Elsalakawy

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of ScPEnce, El-Mansoura University, EGYPT

22. Research Paper: Corrosion Inhibition of Cu in Nitric Acid Solution using Asafoetida Extract (ASFE) as Green Inhibitor

A.S. Fouda, S.M. Rashwan, H. E. Ibrahim and F. Salamony

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, El-Mansoura University, El-Mansoura-35516, EGYPT

23. Research Paper: Tilia Leaves as Eco-Friendly Corrosion Extract for MS in Aqueous Solutions

A. S. Fouda*, S. A. Abd El-Maksoud and H.M.Mostafa

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Mansoura-35516, EGYPT

24. Advancement Application Announcement (AAA): ExaScale (ES) Computing, Memory Computers (CMC)

25. AAA: Seminars and Symposia

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