Journal of Applicable Chemistry

(An International Peer Reviewed Journal of Chemistry)

ISSN 2278 - 1862


2017 Volume  6 - Issue  4

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3. Research Paper: Cialis (Tadalafil) Drug as Save Corrosion Inhibitor for Zn in Hydrochloric Acid Solution

A.S. Fouda*, S. Rashwan, H. Ibrahim and M. Atef

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, El-Mansoura University, El-Mansoura-35516, EGYPT

4. Research Paper: Ziziphus Jujuba Leaves Extract as Green Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in 1N Hydrochloric Acid Medium

P. R. Sivakumar and A. P. Srikanth*

PG & Research Department of Chemistry, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Coimbatore, TN, INDIA

5. Research Paper: Leaves Extract of Lawsonia Inermis (Heena) As a Corrosion Inhibitor for Copper in Trichloroacetic Acid

Jetal. J. Patel and K. N. Patel*

Department of chemistry, Shri U.P. Arts, Smt. M. G. Panchal Science and Shri V. L. Shah Commerce College-Pilvai-382850, Gujrat, INDIA

6. Research Paper: Synthesis of Silver-Na-4 Mica Nanocomposite

Pijush Kanti Mukherjee

Department of Physics, Chandernagore College, Chandernagore, West Bengal-712136, INDIA

7. Research Paper: Enhanced Biodecolorization of Azo Dye Reactive Orange 16 by Immobilized Phanerochaete Chrysosporium; Optimization of Immobilization Factors

M. Zahmatkesh, F. Tabandeh*, S. Ebrahimi, K.R.S. Sambasiva Rao, K. Farahmandi

Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology Department, National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, P.O. Box: 14965-161, Tehran, IRAN

8. Research Paper: Kinetics of oxidation of hydroquinone by vanadium (V) under the conditions where decavanadates and VO2+ coexist-kinetic evidence for the reactivity of VO2+ and decavanadates

G. Rama Babu* and K. Ramakrishna

S.M.B.T.A & S.N. Degree College, Veeravasaram-534245, W.G.Dt, A.P. INDIA

9. Research Paper: Kinetics and Mechanism of Pd (II) Chloride Catalyzed Oxidation of L-Proline by N-Chlorosuccinimide in Acidic Medium

Ashok Kumar Singh*, Ravi Prakash, Jaya Srivastava, Santosh Kumar, Shailesh Kumar Singh and Shahla Rahmani

Department of Chemistry, University of Allahabad, 211002 Allahabad, INDIA

10. Research Paper: Speciation of Binary Complexes of Cd(II) and Pb(II) with L-Glutamine in Anionic Micellar Medium

P. Sujatha, Y. Vamsi Kumar, P. Surya Sunitha and G. Himabindu*

Department of Engineering Chemistry, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam-530 003, INDIA

11. Research Paper: Diffusion of Fe3+ Ions in Agar Gel Medium Containing Transition Metal Sulfates at Different Electrolyte Concentration

Mohini M.Kute* and Nilima S.Rajurkar

Department of Chemistry, Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Ganeshkhind, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA

12. Research Paper: Preliminary Evaluation of Antimicrobial, Anthelmintic, Anti-Inflammatory Activities and In Silico Studies of Some Cinchoninic Acid Derivatives

H.C. Anitha, S.Sreenivasa*, N.R. Mohan, Vivek Chandramohan and G. Shivaraja

Department of Studies and Research in Chemistry, University Science College, Tumkur University, Tumkur-572 103, Karnataka, INDIA

13. Research Paper: Development and Validation of RP- HPLC Method for the Determination of Raltegravir In Human Plasma

P. Srirama Murthy, V.V. Panakala Rao and G. Rama Babu*

S.M.B.T.A & S.N. Degree College, Veeravasaram-534245, W.G.Dt, A.P, INDIA

14. Research Paper: Oxidation of Lower Oxyacids of Phosphorus by Imidazolium Dichromate: A Kinetic and Mechanistic Approach

Sonali Saraf, Kanchan Kanwar, S. Poonia, S. Panwar and Vinita Sharma*

Chemical Kinetics Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, J.N.V. University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, INDIA

15. Research Paper: Phytochemical Evaluation and HPTLC Fingerprint Profile of Peltophorum Pterocarpum (L.) Merr. Flower Extract

Aparna Bhardwaj

Department of Chemistry Mithibai College, Vile Parle(W), Mumbai, INDIA

16. Research Paper: Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Condom Use among People Living With HIV/AIDS in Nekemte Referral Hospital, West Ethiopia

Balisa Mosisa*, Endashaw Abera, Getu Bayisa and Suresh V. Chennupati

Head, Department of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, Wollega University, P.O. Box No.395, Nekemte, ETHIOPIA

17. Research Paper: Hydrolytic Study of Mono-2, 3-dichloroaniline Phosphate in Buffer Medium

Nisha Chhetri and S. A. Bhoite*

School of Studies in Chemistry, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur- 492010, Chhattisgarh, INDIA

18. Research Paper: Environmentally Benign Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial Activities of Co (II)-Amino Acid Complexes

K.P. Srivastava* and Anuradha Singh

*Department of Chemistry, N.L.S. College, Jaitpur- Daudpur (Saran) Jai Prakash University, Chapra-841301, Bihar, INDIA

19. Research Paper: Evaluation of Antibiotics Use and Prescribing Error among Hospitalized Pediatric Patients in Nekemte Referral Hospital, Ethiopia

Ginenus Fekadu, Edao Sado, Suresh V. Chennupati and Getu Bayisa*

Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, Wollega University, Nekemte, ETHIOPIA

20. Research Paper: 2, 4-Dihydroxy-5-Bromo Hexaphenone Oxime (DHBHPO) as a Gravimetric and Spectrophotometric Reagent: Studies on Mo (VI) Complex

Pratesh J Shah* and Nitinkumar B Patel

Shree Jayendrapuri Arts & Science College, Bharuch.(Gujarat) Affiliated to Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat-395007-Surat, INDIA

21. Research Paper: Effect of Plasticizer on Polyblends of Acrylonitrile - Butadiene Rubber (NBR) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Sanjay Dutt Kaushik

Department of Chemistry, LajpatRai College, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, INDIA

22. Research Paper: Crystal structure and Hirshfeld Surface Analysis of (4-methylphenyl) [2-(methylsulfanyl)thiophen-3-yl]methanone

Nasseem El-khatatneh, N.R. Bhavya, Chandra, M. Mahendra* ,C S Pradeepa Kumara, M P Sadashiva and S.P. Madhu

Department of Studies in Physics, Manasagangotri, University of Mysore, Mysore-570006, Karnataka, INDIA

23. Advancement Application Announcement (AAA): e-Proceedings of National Seminar on Solid Waste Disposal and Management to Protect Environment -Wealth from Waste

24. Advancement Application Announcement (AAA): Mathematical Neural network (MaNN) modeling

25. AAA: Seminars and Symposia

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